Zeek Catweazle is best known for his musical project ZEEKtheFREAK or the acoustic version Zeek D'Accoustique, but he is involved in many more projects, are on this page, you will be introduced to them.

Literature and the Manuscript of Fools. especially the novels of The Foddleburg Tales here is the intro to the book:

Sunday morning on the banks of the Parramatta river in Sydney harbour, the Opera house stands majestic and glowing in the warm early morning summer sun. A millionaires yacht slowly glides past the historic building, a father points out the finer points, educating his children of the beauty and history of this historic landmark. It is another beautiful day. Waltzing Mathilde can be heard from a radio on the banks of the river. Suddenly little Frankie points to the water and screams...

"Godstruth dad, I just saw fuckin' Nemo, let's fry the little bastard..."

 Everyone on the boat fall around was then I opened my eyes and I thought

 'What the fuck was that all has bugger all to do with this story. So try to get that image out of your head.

...not everyone's cup of tea, but jammed packed full with Zeek Catweazle's zany humour and guaranteed lots of laughs.

since there was not not enough avenues for Zeek to vent his humour, he started in 2017, his own zany tabloid: the Fools Funnybone:


Filled with funny stories, news, music and advertisements, this is a must read tabloid

Zeek has also been involved in theatre since a very early age, he has compèred festivals, especially ones of the metal genre and of course in 1999, he created and started The Feelgood Festival. A festival in Alkmaar to raise money for children's hospital and organisations in the Alkmaar area. Although he only stayed 4 years, the festival is still an annual event.

His Promotions company Dodgy bastards Promotions, do not only represent his own projects, but also that of other artists, writers etc.


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