Introducing theFREAK

Zeek Catwezale (aka ZEEKtheFREAK) was born in Dundee Scotland in 1958. 

Although people know him as a singer & musician, very few know of his other projects. His literary work or being editor of a tabloid. Hopefully, this blog and his websites hopefully will give people a vision of the brain behind the man that is Zeek Catweazle

He has one brother, He lives with his girlfriend Solange (aka author Agatha Stoneheart) and their boxer Bruce in the South of France.

Moving from Dundee in 1979, he lived in Holland for 36 years, living in various towns and villages, before settling in Alkmaar in 1982.

He moved to France in the summer of 2015, to be with Solange and Bruce. He is a sports fanatic, doing weight-training and cycling for years, having played amateur football before that. He follows Dundee United F. C. and AZ Alkmaar

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Creator  and editor of the zaniest tabloid, the Fools Funnybone.  Writing the spoof stories and witty adverts, a must for every person with even the slightest sense of humour

He also does cartoons, including 'Mr Smith's garden'


From actor to appear in a parade to compére at a metal festival. Zeek is a raving thespian and he does not hide it.

He also created The Feelgood Festival in Alkmaar, to raise money for the local children's hospital


This is what Zeek Catweazle is best known for, appearing on stage as ZEEKtheFREAK and lately also as Zeek D'Accoustique.

He records produces, engineers and distributes his own CDs


This is an area most do not know of Zeek Catwezale. He writes Philosophical and psychology quotes on photographs he takes  himself.

His laid-back, positive attitude is an inspiration  to many

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