When is a dream a reality

Since I was 4 or 5, I have always been an entertainer, I appeared on stage at a local church in a production of Mary Poppins and I think I caught the bug. No coughing at the back, please!

.  .  .

The photo above shows me catching the bug and not from my co-actor, whose name was Lorraine Colgan (if I remember correctly) and I can tell you a few stories about her when we were a bit older, but not in this blog.

I must admit, cannot recall much about the choir, the practice or any shows, bar one. we sang in a school choir festival in the Caird Hall, Dundee. Where all the bands play, Again I can't remember much about it, except mum going mental around the shops to get a new white shirt for me and her being super proud of me

But enough of this sentimental reminiscing

I have been wondering lately about my work, my music, my writing and of course the  Fools Funnybone. It was always my dream to spend my time working in the arts, be it music, acting and I have always written short stories. I can't control my writing, it contains my humour

Out with the old in with the new

To try to create fresh things, I am slowly deleting, distancing myself from things of the past years. I feel otherwise, I will remain trapped in the net of yesteryear. I will remain Living in the past and so I say Au Revoir to the record label that has served me well since 1977: The Infamous Idiotic Label.
All the recordings from  the Snap-on Brothers,  The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ,  Zeek Catweazle  solo and in the latter years  ZEEKtheFREAK  have been under this banner, but like I said I feel a fresh start will stimulate growth and so as from today all recordings will be on the new Pyjama Homemade Recordings Label

ZEEKtheFREAK's 'Spaced out on Planet Bizarre' CD will be the first release on the new Record Label, so hopefully, this will stimulate me to finish it and next year the acoustic album 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie'  from  Zeek D'Accoustique will be also be released by Pyjama.

My musical direction

As I back to some of the stuff I have released and the thousands of ideas that never made it, I pick out my favourite songs. Two of these never even made it to the stage, why I will never know, but  'In my Gorilla suit' and 'Big Stud' are probably my two favourite songs after 'Just a fantasy' which is my favourite ZEEKtheFREAK song. There I said it.

I feel my musical direction is changing, I will always look back to the great times on stage, the high points,  playing to more than 600 people in a packed Atlantis, to the low points, show-wise, it has to be the acoustic gig in cafe Jinx, where everything went wrong, but the lowest feeling was the one I had in Gunnery's Irish Pub, last year when some bastard stole my merchandise. Since that day, I have been ignored, sent to Coventry by people I held in high esteem. All because of the Press statement, I put on the website, Facebook etc. How dare I print my own opinion. because that was all it was, I blamed myself, I only said I found the staff etc reacted laconically when they could clearly see I was upset. I know people know who did it, but it is kept secret from me 

It is time to close the door on that event and to the people who remain on the other side of the burning bridge I bid them peace and a beautiful life

What now for me as an entertainer?

I have returned to recording ZEEKtheFREAK songs like I used to myself and I have begun to practice those songs acoustically and hopefully play solo gigs as Zeek D'Accoustique. The theatre vibe will always be a part of my music, but I am uncertain if I want to perform future gigs like I have always done. I have dreams of writing a Rock Opera. I will get other artists in to perform the show. This dream has been with me for almost 20 years, maybe it is time to release it into the wild and write it.
I am nearly finished with my novel, the first part of The Foddleburg Tales. It is a book called: The Curse of the panty thief of Foddleburg. It is a crime thriller/ comedy and totally jammed packed filled with my humour.

The Fools Funnybone is my tabloid I originally thought up at the beginning of the century and although I did release a paper version. October saw the release of the first digital version. I fear people are scared to admit they like it.  Honest, but sadly true, it's new, so I hate it, but I will continue with it

2018 will be my year

I genuinely feel that there is change on the horizon and next year could very well be the year that I get the respect and acclaim, I think I deserve. This is not an ego trip, just my opinion. Time will tell

.  .  .

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