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This blog/ web space is made solely to the entertain. yes, I will moan, yes I might be negative about society, but it is all in the name of entertainment. If you don't like what I write or it annoys you, it says more about you than me.


 This is my world. You are most welcome to stay

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Latest Projects news

14/12/'17  Xmas for the alkies E.P.

Today sees the re-release of last year Xmas hit 'Xmas for the Alkies', available for download from Bandcamp. This is an E.P. version, as it Includes 4 previously unavailable tracks from the 'Transvestite Femme Fatal' CD released in 2000, the tracks are:

  1.  Xmas for the Alkies
  2.  His almighty joke
  3.  The 6 a.m. subconscious blues
  4.  Let's go seal Clubbing
  5.  See my love fly

prices are €3 for the E.P. and €1 per track

click here below to download the E.P.

12/12/'17  CD release date 

The album 'the Gullible's Travels' should (finally) be out by the end of the year. It will however only be a limited edition CD version. It will be available as a download on Bandcamp. 

Link will follow

10/10/'17  Da Freak Theatre

The news of Da Freak Theatre is not very positive, as it would seem the band is destined to fail before it even begins. We will keep you posted

the Projects

The Curse of the Panty Thief of Foddleburg

Read the hilarious new novel from Zeek Catweazle about the strange goings on in town of Foddleburg. 

The Fools Funnybone

This has to be the zaniest tabloid around. reporting on the headlines the other tabloids choose to ignore. Every story is genuinely fake just for your entertainment



This project is also a musical one involving music of ZEEKtheFREAK, but acoustically. Zeek plays either solo of with a backing band.

Visit the webspace:


This is probably the project Zeek Catweazle is best known for. For years prancing around the stages of Alkmaar and North Holland. He still records today, but the shows are less. This is the Official website

Zeek productions

the website of Zeek Catweazle


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